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Hyperbaric Therapy for Diabetic Wounds

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Diabetic Wounds Show Clear Cut Improvements with Hyperbaric Therapy

Wounds that don’t heal well can present a very real danger for those with diabetes. They happen when small blood vessels, usually in the hands and feet, grow narrow and begin cutting off blood circulation. When the affected area doesn’t get enough oxygen to provide vital nutrients, nerves and tissues begin to break down. Bacteria flourishes and healing fails to occur.

Diabetic wounds can cause pain, but surprisingly often they don’t hurt at all. That’s because the damaged nerves fail to register pain, temperature and touch. When that happens sufferers can be especially prone to injuring themselves. Each year, between 12 and 24 percent of all diabetic foot wounds end up with foot, toe or leg amputation. So how important do you think it is to speed the healing process?

Hyperbaric therapy has been used for well over 35 years to successfully heal diabetic wounds. Here’s how it works…

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During AMA and FDA approved hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients lie comfortably in an enclosed pressurized chamber, where they are bathed in pure oxygen. The patients can relax, breathe normally, and even listen to music or watch television. Breathing in this high oxygen concentration during a session brings vital nutrients to a diabetic ulcer, so that cells regenerate and new blood vessels form. This permits wounds to heal over much faster than they might otherwise. One HBOT study found that 89% of patients who had hyperbaric therapy avoided amputation after developing ulcers.

Yes, hyperbaric therapy helps accelerate the healing process in those with diabetic wounds, but it can also lead to better quality of life. Here are some other benefits that diabetic patients report:

  • More stable blood sugar levels
  • Improved skin and gums
  • Better kidney and bladder function
  • Increased sex drive
  • Better memory
  • Improvement in energy

The other good news is that major insurance companies, including Medicare, cover hyperbaric therapy for non-healing wounds, when certain conditions are met.
To learn more about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetic wounds, please contact Neurological Solutions today by calling 727-787-7077 or reach out to us online. Dr. Allan Spiegel offers a personalized assessment to determine if you would benefit from hyperbaric oxygen treatments and whether you could qualify for insurance payments.